Imran Khan Marriage — 04 June 2012
Imran Khan and Jemima Khan

The romance between Imran Khan and Jemima Khan renders a different dimension to the aspect of romance. This famous couple though is divorced now but during their marriage tenure they represented the perfect blend of fame and aristocracy.

Their romance dates back to 1995 when they met and despite being half Imran’s age Jemima was all hearts for him and some thing sparked between them leading to their marriage in the same year. Jemima also went to the extent of studying Islam and before marriage she also changed her caste and joined the faith of Islam. Their divorce resulted form Jemima’s inability to adjust to the conservative and traditional ambience of her in-laws Coming to the elaborate phase of the relationship it can be said that their relationship was mostly based on the aspect of fascination and an unknown charm which set the fire blazing for them. Jemima who is half Imran’s age was all hearts for him and she became an avid scholar of the Muslim culture and the Muslim laws etc. At the height of their romance period she decided to commute to Islam and she transcended from Jemima Goldsmith to Jemima Khan. She was originally a Jewish born to the multi-millionaire in U.K Sir James Goldsmith. Being a strong academician she also proved herself while studying Urdu and achieved remarkable fluency in the language. 1995, Paris saw their marriage as a Muslim ceremony was organized and they threw a romantic bash once they got back in London. Initially it was expected that Imran will be staying in London but Imran in order to pursue his political career in Pakistan shifted to Pakistan with Jemima and their began their political career and efforts to get noted in the political arena. Even Jemima worked hard to support Imran’s political profile and in the process she got tied with few social welfare associations like UNICEF etc. She also launched her own fashion brand and is attached with the Cancer Hospital, named after her mother-in-law; the hospitals name is Shaukat Khanum Memorial.

Jemima Khan lead a very conservative and low profile life in Lahore and she found it all the more difficult to adjust. More over Imran’s political career and him being in the spot light in the Pakistani political arena made it difficult for her to adjust and settle down. She was highly heckled and harried by the Pakistani newspapers because of her Jewish origin and even the religious associations demanded for her citizenship to be annulled she was also pressed with smuggling charges though they were later falsified. Their marriage was already on the rocks due to the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic diversities and political strife. With the sudden revelation of Imran’s involvement with Sita White, Jemima’s marriage to Imran endured another blow at the core of the relationship. Imran and Jemima have two kids; the eldest son is named Suleiman Isa born on November 18th, 1996 and the younger son is named Kassim who was born on April 10th, 1999.

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